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Landscape lighting is more than just aiming some lights at a house. It is an art form that uses light and shadow to create a tranquil night environment. When night falls, Lightscaping Texas rules the night. Yet, many designs we see from the competition are unimaginative at best.
With professional outdoor lighting--what you see and what you do not see are equally important. A properly planned and installed system will not have hot spots or produce glare from oversized fixtures. There will be a blend of lighting effects that will bring out the natural beauty of a setting. All this beauty adds a sense of security and value to your property.

Creative Landscape Lighting Design
We paint beauty to your architecture, landscape, pathways, gardens, swimming pools, fountains and statues with brush strokes of alluring light. We make your outdoor spaces useable at night, adding a magical view from the outside or from within your home or business.
Professional Installation
Before installing the first fixture, our professional outdoor lighting designer takes the time to talk with the property owner and plan out the project to best achieve the desired results. We work directly with architects, builders, landscape designers, home and business owners to provide a seamless project flow. We do all of our own work. No task is ever completed by a subcontractor. Period.
Top Quality Fixtures and Materials
We use only the best technologically advanced, energy efficient and durable low voltage outdoor lighting equipment available today. At Lightscaping Texas, we primarily focus on the effect of the fixture and what is being illuminated--rather than the look of the fixture, unless they are in direct view. Today, state-of-the-art equipment is at a level of sophistication that is simple, yet natural to the eyes. Ask about our highly-efficient LED landscape lighting systems. Upgrade your existing system with our long-life LEDs.
Ongoing Support Services
We have a comprehensive outdoor lighting system maintenance service program. We are and will be available when you need us, protecting your investment. Contact us at 972-724-3212 to schedule your next service and or repair visit.